Hiring a Nanny or Household Manager can be a wonderful step in the development of your children and family as a whole.

Just Family Payroll¬†understands that finding a Nanny or a Household Manager can help take ALL of life’s little stresses away! Together we work WITH your family to raise resilient, happy and responsible children.

The benefits that come with a Nanny and/or Household Manager can also come with a cost. Not everybody is comfortable with managing Payroll, and worrying whether you are tax compliant can be a constant stress for some people.

We take away the demands and time-consuming duties of:

  • Processing your Nanny or Household Manager wages

We advise you: 

  • Remitting Superannuation Guarantee payments to the Super Fund
  • Managing leave entitlements
  • Employment contracts
  • WorkCover obligations
  • Staying up to date regarding Australian Tax Office requirements
  • Prepare Installment Activity Statements (IAS) for submission to ATO (includes pay as you go tax – “tax deductions from wages”)
  • and much more…

Families – don’t get caught out. NOT paying your Nanny or Household Manager leaves you (AND your employee) at risk from the ATO as you will be in breach of employment law. Don’t be naive – know your responsibilities. Click here to learn more!

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