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  • How do I pay my Nanny/Household Manager?

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    Note of caution: Paying cash in hand for childcare is illegal. For your legal obligations, please contact Fair Work Australia and the ATO.

  • What safeguards can I put in place?

    Keep your eyes and ears open …

    1. Complete all relevant checks, including trusting your own intuition (or engage an professional, registered agency to do this for you)
    2. Encourage your children to share their experiences
    3. Talk regularly with your Nanny or Household Manager - and always do a daily handover
    4. Set and maintain boundaries around what your Nanny/Household Manager can and cannot do
  • What will make my Nanny/HHM leave?

    We have heard it all … apart from not mucking out the stables, cleaning the pool and making tins of shortbread for you to pass off as your own at the work Christmas party...

    There are a few other things to avoid if you don't want your Nanny/Household Manager to leave:

    1. Returning home late
    2. Returning home early then only pay them only for the time you were away, not the promised hours
    3. Taking them for granted
    4. Fighting with your partner in front of them
    5. Forgetting to pay them
    6. Not paying them properly, legally or regularly
    7. Changing the hours or job description without consultation
    8. Being your Nanny/HHM’s Facebook friend — this generally ends in tears
    9. Similarly, don’t complain about your Nanny/HHM on Facebook — it has been done!
    In general, communicating badly with your Nanny/HHM will send them packing.

    The golden rule = treat your Nanny/HHM like gold.

    You take care of all that, we take the headache out of payroll.

  • What if my Nanny doesn’t work out?

    This needs to be handled assertively.

    Generally speaking, we recommend you always call Fair Work Australia for advice before taking any action. Click here for more information to guide you.

    Of course, from the beginning you’re aiming to always ensure clear and regular two-way communication.

    If this has fallen down, here are a few steps you can follow:

    • talk to your Nanny about the issue without being accusatory
    • try to resolve the issue by talking about the problem, not the person
    • call it how you see it. Say something like, "You don’t seem to be enjoying this job like you were" or "I’ve noticed the kids haven’t been doing their homework some nights".
    • explain how the issue affects you and/or your children
    • allow time for the issue to be resolved.

    If the issue can’t be resolved, get some advice from Fair Work and take steps to terminate the arrangement.

    This process can sometimes be quite complex and often fraught with emotion. If it becomes too hard or you’d rather place the logistics into the hands of people with over 30 years experience in this type of thing, then contact our sister agency at www.placementsolutions.com.au.

    Placement Solutions provides a full bricks-and-mortar service throughout Melbourne. With over 30 years in the in-home child care business and carrying government approval since 2001, they understand childcare.

    Over this time Placement Solutions have improved the industry through ongoing advice to government and have helped set the benchmarks in this sector. They would be more than happy to help you through the transition and recruit, screen and place a new Nanny for you.

    For a full information package and price list, go to www.placementsolutions.com.au

  • How is JFP different?

    We do the work for you. Your household staff are paid on time and legally - every time.

    You will have peace of mind knowing your staff are treated as professionals and securely paid.

    Note of caution: Paying cash in hand for childcare is illegal. For your legal obligations, please contact Fair Work Australia and the ATO.

  • How we can help you

    We understand that finding and choosing the right Nanny or Household Manager (HHM) takes time and energy. That’s where we come in.

    We help keep Nannies and HHM's with great families by keeping you up to date regarding all your employer obligations.

    Click here for details on the National Employment Standards. Bear in mind that formal qualifications attract higher salaries.

    Nationally accredited early childhood qualifications for Nannies include the:

    1. Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113)
    2. Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113)

    We can also help you source and recruit a professional Nanny or Household Manager through our strong agency links.

  • How do I register?

    We offer two easy ways to get the right Nanny for your child or Household Manager for your home.

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    2. Register and pay your joining fee
  • What could happen if I pay my Nanny/HHM cash in hand?

    Note of caution: Paying cash in hand for childcare is illegal. For your legal obligations, please contact Fair Work Australia and the ATO.

    The ATO crackdown on cash in hand work means that if you are caught you are liable not only for a hefty fine, but also:

    • back pay
    • back taxes
    • unpaid leave (where applicable)
    • unpaid superannuation entitlements.

    Or worse, if something happens (e.g an accident) - this could leave you liable, without insurance.

    Nannies and Household Managers deserve to be paid legally, and be engaged lawfully. And your family deserves to be fully compliant - not stressed about being 'caught out' or left in the lurch.