Our Top Tips for Preparing a Nanny Application

Formatting and Layout – This is your one chance to convey your skills and experience through one piece of paper so make sure you are clear and concise. Consider using dot points making it is easy to scan the document for the major benefits. Converting your document to a PDF format will ensure that the employer is able to open it and that it is set out the way you had intended regardless of the version of software they are using.

Tailor your cover letter –  Your cover letter should be unique to each agency or family that you apply with. Tailor your cover letter particularly to the place or family you are applying with and outline in your letter why you want to work for them in particular.

Avoid restating information –  Your resume and cover letter are a package deal! There is no need to restate information in your cover letter if your resume already outlines this information. You may, however, wish to re-emphasise important aspects of your child care experience that may be particularly relevant to the position you are applying for.

Triple check – Have another person read over your application. A second set of eyes may pick up any tiny errors you may have missed as well as provide you with some additional points you may not have considered. Be sure to always do a spelling, grammar and punctuation check.

Nanny portfolio – Keep a folder to take along with you to interviews to present all of your qualifications and skills.  This resource is in addition to your resume.

  • Add your certificates, diplomas, first-aid recognition, police and working with children checks etc.
  • Add copies of certifications gained at professional development seminars that you have attended.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, ask previous employers for professional written references for your portfolio.
  • Include photos of activities and home-based learning and play you have initiated in the home.

Be honest – Consider your resume to be your personalised marketing tool to promote yourself as a professional career nanny. Be sure to express your child care skills, and why you are suitable for the position, but don’t oversell yourself or elaborate on the truth.